Thursday, December 8, 2016

Holiday Sale 2016! 50% Off My Videos

Happy Holidays!!! 
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Thank you for a fun and farty 2016!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lean to the Left, Lean to the Right...

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8 min 52 sec / $9.99
....stand up, sit down, FART FART FART! That's some kind of old military or sports song I think haha but with a variation in the lyrics!
Anyway, I did it AGAIN! I ate too much MEAT and am having painful loud smelly farts, and I lift my ass and lean to the side every time I rip one cuz you guys keep asking me to do that LOL. Lots of big ones, some nasty bubbly ones, rumblers, and a scene with I think 7 or 8 consecutive farts! What the hell is wrong with me?
I was farting so much I was getting tired and had to lie down to take a nap hahaha!

Spicy Asian Jean Farts

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3 min 32 sec / $4.99

Uggghhhhhhh why do I do this to myself so often? I eat so much MEAT and it blocks me up and then I have the nastiest farts and bonus, in my tight light-colored jeans! Anyway, bet you guys didn't know I am half Vietnamese! These farts were so rank because I ate literally a pound of Vietnamese BBQ meat the night before (it's called thit nuong)...I got so backed up it was PAINFUL! Watch me in my sexy jeans rip big stinking fart after fart! I even SHART in my pants...I thought it was going to be a normal fart but it tourned out to be really wet!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Painful Chili Con Carne Jean Farts

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7 min 14 sec / $7.99

NASTY painful jean farts!!! Yay!
I hosted an American meal at my underground restaurant yesterday, serving the original recipe chili con carne. That means only beef, beans, chili, onions and garlic. SO lots of fiber along with lots of gut-blocking meat for weird result of painful, stinky, sharp farts. They hurt SO bad I thought my butthole would break! Ugh and the odor was just out of control!!!! PLUS I am wearing my sexxxy light colored jeans that you guys are loving in my 'other' kind of videos ;O)
As usual, I have amazing gas and there are multiple farts per scene. There must be 40 or so farts in this clip! And I know my neighbor must have heard me, as I heard his TV and my farts were way louder than that!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Gassy, Horny, Lonely: Farting & Pussy Playing

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7 minutes / $7.99

Booohooo me! Once again I haven't seen my boyfriend in 3 days and you know me....I need some hard dick at least twice a day to stay sane! I feel so lonely!
But at the same time I have really bad gas when I feel the need to please my pussy, so I decided to let you share the moment of fart + masturbation with me. Since my boyfriend doesn't like farts, I feel ok sharing my intimate time with you since at least he wouldn't like it anyway! hahahaha
I do appreciate you so much, that you get off on my farts! I love to rip ass and it makes me happy that my special talents are not wasted!
There are only 3 different scenes in this clips but I swear each clip has 6 to 10 farts!!!! SO MANY FARTS in this clip LOL. I did eat a burger & fries one of the days before so I think that would explain at least one of the bad farts days. The other, I don't know, I just ate pasta with ratatouille and parmesan. I guess it doesn't matter what I eat, I am just naturally a fart machine :O)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hella Tight Jeans Farts!

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8 minutes / $8.99

Yes, that's how my people from Northern California say it! HELLA! LOL
Anyway, it's colder than a well-digger's ass here in Lyon, so I am keeping my tooter at home and staying warm in my tight-as-hell ASOS skinny jeans! I bought these when I was still only 40 little kilos in the hospital :O( but even though I have gained 7 kilos, they still fit. Though VERY TIGHTLY!!!
And to keep me extra warm, I keep farting like a crazy woman and all that hot stanky gas feels so cozy as it stays stuck in the ass of my tight jeans. My ass looks scrumptious, you are going to love it!
I am just at home trying to gt started on my next painting, talking to my friend on the phone (I totally fart while he is on the phone LOL), trying to write down my dream from last night...normal stuff hehe.
Lots of multiple farts in each scene, you know I love to spoil you ;O)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

I'll Rub It Until It Farts

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LOL that's an old PJ Harvey lyric, 'I'll rub it/until it/hurts.' But I changed it :OP
That's pretty much it...I am extra horny these past few days because my boyfriend lives in Switzerland and I live in France and we haven't seen each other in 4 no humping!!! Waaaaahhh! But he doesn't know I always have raunchy loud farts so he can't enjoy me like you guys do.
ANYWAY. So I am horny and record myself rubbing my little clit, teasing it, and farting away like mad while I do it! Pretty much EVERY scene has MULTIPLE FARTS so you know your pal Peteuse likes to give you value ;O)
Some total HONKERS in this clip, OMG! I don't hold back my bad gas at all, but I do hold back from cumming for several days until the very last scene. And coincidentally there are about a MILLION loud farts in that last scene. You are going to love it! I had so much fun making this video hehehee.